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Trinity Wholeness Ministries

I sincerely hope you are doing well.  Trinity Wholeness Ministries is a site to experience "Life By Design". Yes, the way God intended you to live...whole entirely. 

Let me say that I am certainly excited about the upcoming workshops and virtual activities that have been planned just for you and other sister-friends.  There is no question God wants you to live as you were designed before the foundation of existance; therefore, we would like to offer resources to equip you to regain focus, insight, and direction to effectively answer your call.  Goals and purposeful living will be achieved as you discover, implement and experience "Life by Design"...there is no secret to living abundantly; it is in the Word we must "Just do it!".  

Come, prepare to live purposefully with our prayer team on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. (CST) in intercession; monthly Bible study/book discussions on Thursdays (also at 7 p.m.) and participate in "Life by Design" small group retreats for your spirit, soul, and the calendar and social media for announcements.  

Please don't forget to sign up for our emails so you can stay aware/informed of our events and resources. 

Believing for the best in you, 

Karynthia Phillips

Beyond Boundary Institute

Beyond Boundary Institute is an annual event sponsored by Trinity Wholeness Ministries to empower all women in an academic and inspirational forum. The goal is to launch and encourage women to stay focused on their goals as they enter the 3rd and 4th quarters of the calendar year.  Throughout the year Beyond Boundaries offer resources via consultation and coaching to women individually and in small groups to assist them in writing books, nonprofit and profit endeavors.

Beyond Boundary Institute is having its annual gathering of women with like minds to empower one another on the journey beyond boundaries to the next level.  Will you dare to cross the line to imagine your business, ministry and career expand its territory?  The workshops are designed to challenge you to move past the limitation of traditionalism and boundaries others have set for you.  Register and meet workshop leaders, fellow women doing what you desire, and vendors.  Come build new relationships and rekindle old ones.  You have two options: full day event including lunch $39.95 or attend the lunch and learn only $20 and engage in the journey of our speakers.  It is your time to step across the line that has been holding you back.  Upon purchasing your ticket you will receive an email with the ouline of workshop preparation (book list for pre-reading, optional).

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Upcoming Events 
Prayer Every Tuesday April 20, 2018 May 17, 2018 May 20-24, 2018 May 27, 2018 June 1-2, 2018 June 19-21, 2018 July 14, 2018 August 16, 2018 September 27, 2018 September 29, 2018
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