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Welcome To Beyond Boundary Consulting

This organization is designed for women seeking to live significantly in a world of competition demanding productivity at the cost of self-neglect. Karynthia teaches “optimal health is not by chance it is a choice” to maintain a healthy spirit, mind and body to be effective in life. This organization empowers you to create your vision and establish goals as one implementing the art of wholeness igniting purposeful living.

Let us help you accomplish new or dormant goals and live with purpose. Women can work together exploring and achieving what seems impossible.  Come out and discover, implement and experience "Life by Design"...there is no secret to living abundantly; it is in the Word we must "Just do it!". 

Karynthia Phillips



Beyond Boundary Institute is an annual event to empower all women in an academic and inspirational forum.  The goal is to launch and encourage women to stay focused on their goals as they the 3rd and 4th quarters of the calendar year.  Throughout the year Beyond Boundaries offer resources via consultation and coaching to women individually and in small groups to assist them in writing books, nonprofit and profit endeavors.  Click here to register.




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Weekly Prayer Call

Join our weekly Prayer Call Every Tuesday 7:30 PM - Email your prayer request by clicking on the prayer request graphic above or join in the prayer call at 1-605-475-4800  Code #723971.

If you would be interested in finding out more about the prayer call please contact us by email.